Licensed use of movie posters and playbills

Whenever you use an image from a film, including movie posters and playbills, you must request a license to use it from the rights holder.

Our archive of movie posters and playbills boasts thousands of images created by art masters. As being the authorized licensees of such valuable material, we can offer you the chance of enriching your projects without taking any risks.

From publishing to exhibitions, television, film or documentary productions, up to set designs and staging in fashion shows. The areas of use of pictorial movie posters and playbills are increasingly interesting and diverse.

Licensed use of movie posters and playbills

Film, television and theater set design

Set design consists of all the area that is framed by a camera, or what falls within the stage backdrop in a theatrical performance.

Bringing beauty into the scene enhances each and every element, helping viewers to plunge into the work and creating settings that can foster the power of the performance itself.

Set designers know it is not only the music and the skills of performers that determine the success of an artwork, but also what embraces and surrounds them.

A number of professionals in the field have found in us a valuable ally offering them unique material as well as guaranteeing protection and use related safety.

Licensed use of movie posters and playbills

Staging in exhibitions and events

Our thorough archive has always been fully available to organizers of events and art exhibitions who well know the importance of aesthetic components on such occasions.

Staging is meant to strike, be remembered and come into direct contact with the audience, turning into an all-round experience.

Be it an event or a film poster related exhibition, or one dedicated to a specific artist or to an actor’s career, movie posters and playbills help trace the evolution of aesthetic taste from the past to present day.

Remarkable representational purpose coupled with artistic identity gained over time has made them the most coveted and beloved protagonists of numerous curators.

Licensed use of movie posters and playbills

Editorial projects

Images are a highly effective communication tool, depicting objects, places, people and/or abstract elements.

Used as a cover, or within a more elaborate layout, posters and playbills blend with the text, enhancing its meaning and emotional value.

Embodying passion and cultural fervor, they can evoke memories from long ago, boosting emotional involvement.

Professionals in the field who choose to refer to us know they can find extremely rare artworks while relying on a professional and qualified team that is capable of providing perfectly restored images.

Licensed use of movie posters and playbills

Graphic Designs

Playbills and posters are often used for vinyl or DVD covers, fabrics printing for use in fashion or interior design settings, or even for the creation of various types of objects.

The graphic use of these images easily and naturally spans from one field to another.

Their transversal communicative ability has led them from being graphic works themselves to becoming an identifying element of a socio-cultural context to be drawn to other projects.

It is in this very context that they are untied from their artwork status to embody the symbol of an era and its emotions.

Licensed use of movie posters and playbills

Interior design

Furnishing does not involve just taking care of the shape, style and color of furniture, but also giving due importance to what hangs on the wall.

Whether the style one seeks is classic or modern, a painting or print can restore character to a room, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

This is the main reason why many interior designers have turned to us in recent years to give character to both private and public rooms using HD and perfectly restored vintage image prints.

Besides, just as an interior designer is well aware that surrounding oneself with beauty has countless positive effects on mood, we know that offering the very best to our clients fills us with pride and satisfaction.

Licensed use of movie posters and playbills


Article 12 of the Italian Copyright Law establishes that the right to economically use an intellectual work belongs exclusively to its Author. By freely disposing of it, he can give up that right to another subject.

The Master Painters acquired the rights to the works they create. In fact, in the period between the 1930s and up to the 1990s, the promotion of upcoming films took place through movie poster and playbills, created on the free initiative of the Master Painters themselves, after the completion of the film work.

Once the works were completed, the Master Painters proposed to the Distribution Companies to grant them a temporary license for use limited to “theatrical” exploitation (inside cinema halls).

Once the “theatrical” period was over, almost all of the Master Painters gave up the rights to use and economically exploit the works in favor of the S.A.C. S.r.l., which, in turn, has licensed the same rights in favor of Webphoto & Service S.r.l..

Webphoto & Service S.r.l., therefore, has the right to license these images to use; license that is granted for temporary, limited and specific purpose uses.